Water Features

Water features including waterfalls, ponds, reflecting pools, urns, tubs, natural stone bubblers, pondless features, and even some other things we have not even thought of yet! The custom, or not so custom, products, available in a wide range of costs, will help beautify and accentuate your home and garden.

Award Winning Chester Colonial

Designed in 2005, and working together with our client in historic Chester Borough, this newly constructed house had a charming country feel.  It was our goal to emulate this feeling throughout the landscape.  Working with low maintenance, deer resistant plants, we combined complimentary colors and textures creating a flowing effect, which will be enjoyed during […]

Bernardsville Mountain

Working in a partnership with our client on Bernardsville Mountain, we are in the process of creating a garden oasis which melds the architecture of the home (a former carriage house belonging to a large estate) along with the visions and useful functionality desired by the homeowner. The tranquil, yet exciting courtyard, complete with a […]

Bridgewater Gardens

Working in conjunction with the homeowner, we are progressively transforming this Bridgewater home into a beautifully landscaped garden retreat. Combining a pallet of lovely landscape beds and reflecting off the attractive architectural features of the home, we were able to create and define a welcoming entry. Giving meticulous attention to the combinations of color, texture […]