Country Farm Estate

As a team, the homeowner, along with Cedarwood Landscaping Inc., have transformed a simple farmhouse located on a broad landscape, into a beautiful property complete with cutting gardens, wildflower meadows with meandering paths, a formal vegetable garden, and a unique variety of trees worthy of an arboretum. All carefully designed, installed and maintained, the landscape […]

Far Hills Family Estate

An impeccable home on an expansive piece of property, this grand Far Hills estate has outdoor amenities which have been carefully designed, built and maintained for an active family. Formal gardens, balanced with the surrounding splendor of ‘Mother Nature’ compliment the strong lines of this home. Careful attention to detail and the perfect blend of […]

Hills Of Mendham

Nestled within the rolling hills of Mendham Township, NJ our goal was to bring this newly constructed residence into balance with its spectacular woodland surroundings. It was our intent to create a relatively self-sustaining landscape to compliment the sophisticated feel of the home without detracting from its grand architectural elements. Utilizing complimentary colors and wide […]

Mendham Township

How to Build a Garden Site Review Complete an initial site review which includes a quick walk through to determine current site conditions. General photos are taken of the project areas in question. Client Meeting We host a meeting with our clients at our studio to discuss their needs and goals. Viewing our portfolio often […]

Old Chester Gardens

Along with the visions of our client, Cedarwood Landscaping Inc. designed gardens, walkways and patios that provide a plethora of blossoms, colorful foliage and functionality throughout every season. Carefully selected and placed ‘Pennsylvania Moss Boulders’, and functionally decorative fencing and arbors, provide balance and security as well as highlighting elements of this beautiful family home.