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Landscape Installation

Our award winning interactive design process develops and establishes the systematic approach to implementing your unique and individual dreamscape into a reality. Careful planning and organization is the foundation in which Cedarwood Landscaping executes your project. Time devoted to planning, saves money.

After a Markout is complete, the dirty work begins! Time is allocated to ensure a precision layout. After carefully planning, the pieces are coming together.

Our Master Carpenter designs & creates custom pergolas (fences, garden accents, gates & decks) for any location, style and functionality. Carefully assembled on site, by hand to ensure structural security and quality. Final surface touchups are made to provide the highest quality finished product.

Custom designed high efficiency low-voltage LED lighting provides safety, security and enhancement to your entertaining areas. Sit back, enjoy your lovely entertaining venue and make some wonderful memories

From concept to completion, Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc. devotes quality time to project planning, saving you both time and money, allowing the best possible return on your investment.

Two men installing a pergola beside a tennis court
Two men on ladders install beams on a pergola in front of a tennis court
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