Mendham Township

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How to Build a Garden

Site Review

Complete an initial site review which includes a quick walk through to determine current site conditions. General photos are taken of the project areas in question.

Client Meeting

We host a meeting with our clients at our studio to discuss their needs and goals. Viewing our portfolio often assists in determining solutions to projects which may relate to our clients desires, and also exhibits our style of workmanship.

Project Planning

At Cedarwood, spending an ample amount of time and effort planning your project is the foundation for a successful transformation. Time spent wisely on the planning phases of your project determines efficiency in the execution, is cost effective and ensures a successful, enjoyable installation that meets the needs and goals of our clients.

Developing a detailed plan exhibits the determined locations suitable for the intended purpose, along with plant material and specific details pertaining to the project. Choosing the ‘right plant for the right place’ has been determined at this point, ensuring sound horticulture and environment practices. This design includes all the information required to prepare an accurate budget and a thorough order of operations

Professional Crew

Our professional crew arrives at your property fully prepared and outfitted to install your project in a neat and efficient manner.

Site Preparation

Removal of necessary material and debris is the first step in any installation. Through tilling and added amendments, the soil is thoroughly prepared prior to planting. Amendment applications are determined on an individual project basis and are often required to ensure proper root development and complete plant growth. The benefits will far outweigh the efforts, resulting in rapid establishment and healthy, ‘happy’ plants.

Soil Preparation

Once the soil preparation has occurred, great care is taken to keep it in pristine condition. Great efforts are made to maintain a neat, safe, and organized working area throughout the completion of the project.

Hardscape Installation

Hardscapes including walks, walls and patios, as well as necessary drainage lines, are installed prior to plant material. This ensures an efficient hardscape installation and eliminates damage to new plant material.

Plant Material

Our experts hand pick plant material specifically for your project ensuring proper size, health and overall quality. We have very high standards when choosing plant material, so you can be confident you are getting the very best.
Plant material is carefully delivered.


Plant material layout prior to installation allows us to make any final adjustments before being planted into the ground. Special care is given to hardscape areas to maintain a neat and clean environment.

Final Installation

From concept to completion, the final installation has successfully met our client’s needs and goals, providing a welcoming view from all angles. Added property value is also an additional benefit. Careful attention has been given to all details to ensure a successful and efficient installation.

Final Walkthrough

Final walkthroughs are conducted, making sure that all details have been addressed and our client is happy and satisfied.