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About Us

Cedarwood Landscaping is a professional, full service, landscape firm specializing in design, build, and maintenance services. Since 1984, our goal has been to provide the finest and highest quality service offered within the landscape industry.

The entire Cedarwood family is dedicated to creating a long term relationship with each and every one of our clients based on courtesy, reliability, trust and value.

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Our Services

Landscape Consulting

Landscape Design and Consultation Fees

The following rates apply to landscape design work, planting suggestions, property consultation and horticultural tutoring. These rates typically do not apply to routine maintenance inquiries. Please note that the rates listed below may be discretionarily waived for seasoned clients**.

Option #1: $245.00 for (1) hour* on-site consultation and follow up letter:

This includes an on-site meeting and a letter of generalized recommended steps to move the project(s) forward to help you meet your goals. Payment is due at initial consultation & the estimated completion date for the follow up letter is typically within 5 business days. 50% of this fee will be credited if future installation work, valued at $1,500.00 or more is completed at one time.


Option #2: (1) hour* on site consultation and follow up conceptual sketch:

$150.00/hr., with a minimum (3.0) hour* charge ($450.00). A $300.00 retainer is due at the initial visit. This includes a conceptual sketch (not to scale), a generalized letter as in #1 and does not include any formal drawings or plant list. This sketch, tailored to your needs, will be sent via e-mail or US mail and final payment will be due upon completion of sketch.

If a formal quote is required, thus requiring a formal plant list, material list, etc., there will be an additional cost of $95.00/hr. to create this personalized quote. This fee will be due upon receipt of the completed custom proposal. Regarding these costs, if the project is completed as specified, there will be a 50% credit on each of the above listed services, which will be applied to the final invoice of any single project valued at $2,500.00 or more.


Option #3: Consultation Services and Nursery Visits:

Billed at $150.00/hr. with a 1.25 hr. minimum ($187.50). Prices will include (1) way travel from our office in Chester and payment is required at time of visit. Areas beyond (20) minutes from our Chester office may be subjected to additional travel costs. This work typically does not include formal quotes and is more of a ‘brain storming’ session to help you improve the beauty of your home or office as well as increase your happiness.

4. If a drawing is needed:

Price of Initial Consultation as listed in #1, and then an additional cost priced between $1,200.00 – $3,900.00 and up, smaller designs are priced accordingly. These custom design services, specifically tailored to meet your needs, are billed at $130.00/hr. Price will include (1) revision, taking no more than (2) hours to complete.

5. ‘Personal Garden Tutor’:

Billed at $180.00 per hour*, (1) hour minimum, which includes (1) way travel time from our office in Chester. Payment due upon completion of individual visit. This is where a trained horticulturist will visit your gardens and perform ‘hands on’ training with you by their side.

*Assumes project is within 20 minutes of our office. If not, a one way travel charge may be imposed.

** A seasoned client is one who routinely uses our services including, but not limited to; Garden Bed, Estate Maintenance, Weekly Maintenance and/or have been a client for more than (3) consecutive years contracting miscellaneous services (i.e. clients who contract plantings on a routine basis such as once every year). Seasoned clients are nice people who are both fun to work with and enjoy the value and beauty that the team at Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc. provides.

Landscape Design

Our award winning design process focuses on balancing your landscape with your lifestyle. As a team we will work together to create and implement your unique and individual dreamscape into reality. Designing your landscape will be an inter-active process between you and our experienced design team with your objectives and visions given precedence throughout the entire process.

Our environmentally sensitive designs are created to give you the highest possible return for your dollar while simultaneously improving your quality of life by offering you a reprieve from your daily routine. Our proven process of landscape design will provide you with an extension of your home by creating functional outdoor living areas while simultaneously increasing the value and enjoyment of your property. This proven process works, as we believe it is far better to devote time to project planning rather than crisis management. Saving you time, money, and allowing the best possible return on your investment is our goal.

Landscape Installation

Implementation of your design is organized and systematic. When it comes to project installation Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc. does it right the first time. Our entire staff will work tirelessly to create a seamless flow of operations to implement your project as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will also take all necessary steps to ensure the installation of top quality materials including the highest quality, hand selected, plant material installed according to proper horticultural standards, as this is an everyday practice at Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc.

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Landscape Maintenance
  • Turf Management:Weekly lawn cutting, turf fertilization and weed control including organic options, turf renovation and installation.
  • Tree, Shrub & Perennial Care: Tree, Shrub & Perennial Care: Expert maintenance of your garden beds including fine pruning, weed control, annual flower rotations, planting and harvesting of vegetables, edging, mulching, perennial plant maintenance; pest and disease control & fertilization.
  • Tick & Pest Management Program: Tick and mosquito borne diseases have increased dramatically in recent years. Controlling these pests are vital in protection from several life affecting diseases. Controlling the wildlife host, minimizing areas of reproduction and knowledge of life cycles and habitats are important in establishing an effective management program. Targeted applications can minimize your exposure to this pest utilizing the least amount of pesticides. Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc. also offers permanent wildlife barrier solutions.
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Walls, Walks, Patios and Driveways designed to complement your home and your lifestyle, focusing on both form and function, reflecting your individual personality. We are certified by Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and The National Concrete Masonry Association.

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Landscape Lighting

We design and install high efficiency outdoor LED lighting to provide safety, security and enhancement of your home and gardens. Systems can be designed to be 100% automatic and expandable, making your life easier than ever!

Water Features

Water features including waterfalls, ponds, reflecting pools, urns, tubs, natural stone bubblers, pondless features, and some other things we have not even thought of yet! The custom or not so custom products, available in a wide range of costs, will help beautify and accentuate your home and garden.

Water Management

Grading, drainage and excavation work including rainwater harvesting systems and water gardens. Utilize the free gift from Mother Nature, to help lower your costs and lessen your impact on our environment. We are certified in Rain Garden and Rainwater Harvesting by Rutgers University.

Garden Accents

Make your landscape ‘Pop’ with the procurement and installation of quality garden statuary. Personalize and enhance your home and garden with a wide range of mterials, making your garden unique and your own. We also design and install custom planters and window boxes to help fill in the bare spots and bring home even more color and form. These accents are the ‘cherry on the sundae’ so have some fun!

Estate Maintenance

Complete outdoor grounds maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This includes management of all of your outdoor garden needs and then some. We can streamline your need for multiple contractors working on site, saving time, money and improving efficiency. Should the need arise for another service, our vast network of reliable and trustworthy professionals will help with most any situation that may arise, indoor or out.

Custom Carpentry

A wide range of standard and custom designed fences, including wildlife fencing options. We also design and install pergolas, arbors, gates, and decks. All products are designed and installed to suit your lifestyle and accentuate your property.

Snow and Ice Management

We have a fleet of reliable equipment manned by experienced ice and snow management personnel ready 24 hours a day for whatever ‘Mother Nature’ sends our way. We offer reliable service to both commercial and residential properties

Emergency/Storm Services

Designed and delivered to not only get you back on your feet but also keep you that way. From a flooded basement, crushed fence, to downed trees and everything in between, we have a large amount of resources available to help you get back on your feet as quickly and efficiently as possible. From start to finish, we will be there for you!

Staging Services, Holiday and Event Preparation

Cedarwood Landscaping will provide the additional hands on assistance that is necessary in preparing for your special event. Reducing your multi-tasking efforts will allow more time to focus on the joy and excitement of the anticipated gathering. We also have a tremendous network of skilled tradesmen available should their services be required.

Our Process


    • – Scott, for over 20 years, you and your team have provided excellent, creative and dependable service and my wife and I appreciate that very much. From the initial design of our property to the creation of our much-admired garden, you have taken good care of us. Your people have always been first class – knowledgeable, interested, cheerful and polite. We will miss their regular visits. – From “Longtime Client in Mendham Who’s Moving”

    • – I really appreciate the attention my property is getting. It convinces me long term relationships are the way to go. Thank you again. Happy Customer (New Vernon, NJ)

    • – Flavio and Jay did a great job. I couldn’t believe the difference on the left side by the driveway. Katie and I definitely look forward to continuing the progress made. Thanks again, TJ (Chester)

    • – Scott: Thank you, Donna, the boys on the crew for the time and effort in planning and courteous manner in which you guided me to the beautiful bushes which enhance our property. All work was done expertly. I would recommend you to anyone. Ginny (Morristown)

    • – Cathy and Scott: We can’t wait to see our backyard next Spring! The crew was professional, courteous, and considerate. Thank you. Kathy and Tony (Port Murray)

    • – Scott: I just wanted to drop you a note of how pleased I am of the work your men recently finished in my back yard. They worked efficient and safe. They even let me work a shovel alongside them without any complaints. Take care and I will continue to let my neighbors and friends know that I highly recommend Cedarwood Landscaping not only for lawn maintenance but for heavy tree and bush planting. Joe (Mendham)

    • – Dear Scott and Crew: Mike and I want to tell you how happy we are with the work you did on our side yard and in general. We appreciate your friendliness and the professional way in which you run your business. It’s refreshing to see in this day. We know we can count you to do a good, quality job. So often we complain about the bad (not you!) and neglect to compliment the good! Thank you Mike and Madeline (Mendham)

    • – Dear Scott: One more voice of the litany of happy Cedarwood customers. Your carefully detailed all season design coupled with Beth’s magic executed by her board of garden geniuses has resulted in a glorious presentation. Bravo! Lynn (Morristown)

    • – Scott: Thank you so much for the good call and advice concerning our property. Also, anyone who comes from Cedarwood has done such a good job for us. Not a surprise-you have a great company and great people who work with for you. As this calendar year draws to a close I want to tell you again how very pleased I have been with the excellent care and advice given to us. Marge (Chester)

    • – To all the kind folks at Cedarwood: Thank you all for the care and attention you gave to our property before our daughter’s wedding. Whether it was to chase a deer away or trim a hedge, someone was always available to help. Abby and Greg (Mendham)

    • – To Scott and Company: Many, many thanks to all of you. Not only for good service and good work, but also because you gave me the opportunity to deal with very nice and very considerate people. Joanne (Mendham)

    • – Scott: Thank you for all of your efforts. The patio, walk and wall are beautiful! A big Hi! To your crew, they were terrific. Mary and Paul (Far Hills)

    • – Dear Scott and Staff: Thank you for your hard work and commitment. The graduation party was a success. I had a lot of compliments on how nice the yard looked. I know that I will enjoy it for many years to come. Keep up the excellent work! Jane (Mendham)

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